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We offer a complete website support service, including new website design and development, website optimisation, troubleshoot and fix website errors, hosting and email services, improve website speed and performance, SEO and Digital Marketing.

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Asking for a support may feel difficult. Hence, we have simplified this for you. All you have to do is get in touch with us either via Live Chat, On-line Form on the Contact Page or pick up the phone and give us a call. We are here to help, so just get in touch and let us handle the rest for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a Question?

We have come up with the answers for the most frequently asked questions. If you still have questions for us, please free free to get in touch with us.

This depends on what support do you need.

For an example, if you need a new website, we will ask you about website, content, target audience, competitors, your preferred design, layout, structure, etc. 

If you need support for your existing WordPress website, we may need your WordPress and/or hosting and/or cPanel login details and information on the issue on which you need support. 

This depends and differs on case by case basis. 

We understand that no two issues are same and the requirements may differ too. Hence we carefully assess everything and give you a quote before proceeding further. 

In most cases, we give you a fixed priced quote to ensure there are no surprises or un-expected charges for you. 

In a few cases, we also offer time based services. Our hourly charge is $60 an hour or $15 for 15 minutes. 

We are specialised in WordPress. 

So you can ask us for any support or help related to WordPress website including changing design, layout, content, speed optimisation, troubleshoot and fix WordPress errors, speed optimisation, adding new page, content and/or feature to your WordPress website, e-commerce, Woo commerce, Payment Gateway, PayPal and Stripe Integration, Shipping and Charges, image and media optimisation, contact form and newsletter or anything else. 

We can also help you with SEO, Digital Marketing, Mail Chimp, Emails, Hosting and/or any other service which is linked and/or related to your WordPress website. 

We work round the clock 24/7. 

We can give you a more accurate time frame once we can assess the issue/support requirement. 

Get in touch to discuss the issue. 

If it is WordPress, this is almost never happened that we can’t fix or resolve the issue. 

However, if due to any reason if we are unable to resolve any issue for you, we provide a 100% money back guarantee. 

For an example, if you have an existing WordPress website that is built using a certain theme and bunch of plugins and hosted with some hosting service provider, the following issues can sometimes be beyond our control:

1. If you want your website speed to improve, but the amount of plugins you have installed and the theme you have chosen and/or the hosting provider you have chosen is causing to slow down your website. In cases like this, the most honest and up-front recommendation that we can provide is to re-do the website and/or change/remove the plugins used or change to a more light weight theme or move to a better hosting or use CDN, etc. 

Another example is if you want to add a feature to your website using a theme or plugin that doesn’t support it to he extend that you want it. In this case, we recommend to change the theme and/or plugin to the one that supports the requirement that you may have. 

In some cases, there maybe a need for custom development as the ready solution and/or off the shelf theme and/or plugin may not be able to meet your requirements. In this case, we have to give a separate quote for such development.

You can get in touch with us either via our online contact form, Live Chat, Phone number and/or email address. You will find all the information on the contact page.

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